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World of Longplays Live: Cuphead + The Delicious Last Course (Xbox One) featuring Spazbo4


Cuphead + The Delicious Last Course played by Spazbo4 on Xbox Series X Developer: Studio MDHR Publisher: Studio MDHR Platform: Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch Release: 2017 0:00:00 - Prestream 0:09:04 - Game Start 0:10:57 - Tutorial 0:12:12 - Forest Follies 0:14:21 - Treetop Trouble 0:17:17 - Mausoleum I 0:19:06 - Delicious Last Course Intro 0:26:06 - Goopy Le Grande 0:28:36 - Hilda Berg 0:31:03 - The Root Pack 0:33:22 - Ribby and Croaks 0:36:24 - Cagney Carnation 0:40:48 - Baroness Von Bon Bon 0:46:23 - Funhouse Frazzle 0:48:39 - Mausoleum II 0:51:04 - Funfair Fever 0:52:53 - Djimmi The Great 0:58:22 - Beppi The Clown 1:02:38 - Wally Warbles 1:07:31 - Grim Matchstick 1:10:47 - Rumor Honeybottoms 1:12:38 - Rugged Ridge 1:16:44 - Werner Werman 1:18:48 - Mausoleum III 1:22:15 - Dr. Kahl's Robot 1:24:55 - Captain Brineybeard 1:27:06 - Perilous Piers 1:30:02 - Cala Maria 1:33:44 - Sally Stageplay 1:36:32 - Phantom Express 1:39:31 - King Dice 1:50:45 - Bad Ending 1:51:40 - The Devil 1:53:48 - Good Ending 1:57:01 - Secret DLC Boss 1:59:57 - The Howling Aces 2:02:35 - Esther Winchester 2:04:45 - Moonshine Mob 2:11:35 - Mortimer Freeze 2:13:43 - Glumstone The Giant 2:15:57 - The King's Leap 2:25:11 - Final Boss 2:28:23 - Ending 2:31:14 - Credits 2:36:03 - End Stream

World of Longplays Live: Silent HIll (PS1) featuring Spazbo4


Silent Hill played by Spazbo4 on PlayStation To start off Spooky month we do a spooky game Developer: Team Silent Publisher: Konami Platform: PS1 Release: February 23, 1999 (US) 0:00:00 - Prestream 0:12:15 - Intro 0:16:00 - Game Start 0:20:15 - Old Silent Hill 0:46:16 - School 1:30:50 - Boss: Split Head 1:34:18 - Old Silent Hill 1:44:07 - Central Silent Hill 1:47:35 - Alchemilla Hospital 2:35:11 - Central Silent Hill 2:56:47 - Boss: Twinfeeler 3:05:21 - Boss: Floatstinger 3:09:51 - Sewers 3:18:48 - Resort 3:47:38 - Amusement Park 3:48:53 - Boss: Monster Cybil 3:55:08 - NOWHERE 4:25:48 - Final Boss: Incubus 4:32:30 - Good+ Ending 4:45:22 - Good Ending 4:54:49 - Bad+ Ending 5:04:34 - Bad Ending 5:06:05 - UFO Ending 5:10:09 - Stream End

Minecraft Relaxing Longplay - A Cozy Winter Cabin (No Commentary) [1.19]


In this Minecraft longplay we peacefully explore a snowy taiga biome. We discover a village, gather resources, and build ourselves a snowy winter house. Thanks for watching! Minecraft version 1.19 Shaders: Complementary Shaders Resource Pack: Jerm's Better Leaves Add-On

PS5 Longplay [001] Astro's Playroom (US)


🤍 Played by: Spazbo4 The first PS5 and 4K longplay, not much for this game other than showing off the features of the controller and showing past PlayStation products - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

Skyrim - Longplay Main Quest Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary)


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Full Game Walkthrough of the Main Quest. This time I played a 2-Handed Battle-Axe Warrior that uses a hint of restoration magic and a dash of the bow and arrow. Timestamps listed below. One thing I gotta say is I just love the cheezy dialogue in skyrim, and its stunning soundtrack. Plus the insane glitches I've encountered playing this again has helped make it so much funnier. Dragons flying backwards, mammoths and deer falling from the sky, A Giant become a dragon rider, and also a Giant chasing a rabbit and sending the little guy to space. Ahh Good times. I remember the day this came out, I played it non stop, me and my friends in xbox party chat describing each other games to each other. Figuring how to become a werewolf. I think I've beaten the main story around 7 times. I can't tell you how many times I've beaten the Dark Brotherhood though..too many..actually not enough hehehe. I played on Expert difficulty which is a pretty good challenge. And I used about 50 odd Mods.. don't worry there aren't any flying pony's or train's. I tried to keep it pretty lore friendly and most are just little improvements, faster horses, lighting, more gold on vendors, fixs, gaining smithing exp from smelting and tannin, etc.. That kinda stuff. Anyways I hope you enjoy this Longplay. I will be doing more Longplays of Skyrim, completing the guilds, DLC's and whatnot. Planning another 8 or 11 or so Longplays for this game, with the same Character. List of Next Possible Longplays for Skyrim Main Quest - This video Hearthfire Companions DawnGuard Dark Brotherhood Thieves Guild Mages Guild Dragon Priests Daedric Artifacts Civil War DragonBorn I want to mention In order to make this just under 12 hours for Youtube I was forced to cut out around 8 hours of extra stuff ranging from smithing, enchanting, alchemy, buying and selling, running around skyrim, and killing random wolves, bears and deer. Timestamps: The Beginning - 0:00 Riverwood - 30:08 Bleak Falls Barrow - 1:10:54 Whiterun - 1:37:45 Mirmulnir (First Dragon Fight) - 2:01:24 7000 Steps - 3:06:08 High Hrothgar - 3:16:40 Horn of Jurgen Windcaller - 4:03:04 Kynesgrove- 4:37:00 Fus Ro Dah - 4:46:56 Party Business - 5:02:40 Looking For Esbern - 6:12:34 Alduin's Wall - 7:01:58 The Secret behind Alduin's Wall - 7:07:00 Paarthurnax - 7:28:48 The Hunt for Elder Scroll Dragon - 8:26:08 Blackreach - 8:40:24 Dragonrend - 9:48:20 Alduin - 9:54:25 Greybeard Council - 10:16:40 Odahviing - 10:39:20 Skuldafn - 10:50:37 Sovngarde - 11:28:20 Alduin's Bane (Final Fight) - 11:40:09 Alduin Mahlaan - 11:47:32 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 If you feel like donating, 100% of the donations will be for buying more games to do longplays of. If you have requests when donating on paypal, please leave a message of the game your donating for. As I will try to make it a priority. Paypal donation link - 🤍 Patreon donation link - 🤍 Twitter page - 🤍

Alien: Isolation 1080p Full HD Longplay Walkthrough Gameplay No Commentary


SHN Rating for Alien Isolation : ★★★★★ SHN Horror Game of the Year 2014! Become a SHN Member! 🤍 ▬▬▬▬ You have entered the home of Horror Gaming ▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👻Survival Horror Network 👻 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Become a SHN Member! 🤍 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻 👻TWITTER 🤍 👻Support SHN on Patreon: 🤍 👻Donations Appreciated! All the Money is put into the Channel 🤍 👻 HORROR GENRE WILL NEVER DIE! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬👻Thanks for Watching! 👻▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Minecraft Relaxing Longplay - Rainy Spruce Cottage, Peaceful 1.18 Adventure (No Commentary)


I stream everyday on Twitch at 🤍 :D come chill with us anytime! Hello! Welcome to another Minecraft longplay with no commentary! I decided to record myself on a brand new Minecraft 1.18 seed, and see how things turned out! We built a new simple cliffside house in the mesa biome! I hope you guys find this relaxing and enjoyable. I will be making a lot more of these to help everyone sleep, relax, and study! Follow me if you want to! - Twitch: 🤍 - Twitter: 🤍 - Instagram: 🤍 - Discord: 🤍 Support me on Patreon: 🤍 - Merch: 🤍 I use BSL shaders with Fabric when i record! seed = 5133291882869366177 #minecraft #longplay #minecraftlongplay

007: Nightfire - Platinum Longplay (4K 60FPS)


No commentary 00 Agent difficulty full walkthrough of Nightfire in 4K 60FPS, all required Bond moves acquired and all Platinum medals awarded. Played with an original GameCube controller with the latest Dolphin development build. My other longplays: 🤍 No special configuration required to run this run properly, given that you have the PC to run it of course. Vehicle mission videos are broken, which were fixed in post by recording them from the PS2 emulator instead. _ My social accounts & links: ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Discord: 🤍 ►Reddit: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Subscribe! 🤍 ►Become a member! 🤍 ►Outro track by Tweaklab (Remix of GoldenEye 007 "Folders") - 🤍 _ Level timestamps: 0:00:00 - Intro & menus 0:01:45 - Paris Prelude 0:07:24 - The Exchange 0:25:11 - Alpine Escape 0:35:40 - Double Cross 0:48:34 - Night Shift 0:57:28 - Chain Reaction 1:13:14 - Phoenix Fire 1:24:55 - Deep Descent 1:33:59 - Island Infiltration 1:45:10 - Countdown 2:03:16 - Equinox 2:10:21 - Behind the scenes 2:12:42 - Credits 2:16:54 - Final stats & weapons / gadgets

Minecraft - Hardcore Longplay Full Game Walkthrough 4k (No Commentary)


Minecraft Hardcore Longplay. I was kind of nervous to try this but I'm happy I did it. Wasn't sure I'd be able to beat it either. But surprisingly it went well. I did play a bit over cautious though. Scariest parts were facing Endermen when I was it a secure position, they do so much damage. Oh and I always kept my shield ready for creepers. What else is there to say it's Minecraft and it's hardcore. I hope ya enjoy this longplay ;) Gameplay recorded by Loopy Support this channel on: Paypal - 🤍 Patreon - 🤍 Merchandise Shop: Red Bubble - 🤍 Follow me on: Twitch - 🤍 Discord - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍

Longplay of Pac-Man World: Re-PAC


Longplay of Pac-Man World: Re-PAC, played as the NTSC version on the PlayStation 5. This game's version was released on Aug. 26th, 2022. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment down below! 0:00:00 - Opening 0:00:14 - Intro 0:04:37 - Buccaneer Beach 0:12:18 - Corsair's Cove 0:23:26 - Crazy Cannonade 0:36:49 - Boss: HMS Windbag 0:42:30 - Crisis Cavern 0:54:03 - Manic Mines 1:09:48 - Boss: Anubis Rex 1:16:25 - Space Race 1:25:26 - Far Out 1:36:09 - Gimme Space 1:45:36 - Boss: King Galaxian 1:52:41 - Clowning Around 2:02:00 - Barrel Blast 2:12:52 - Spin Dizzy 2:25:48 - Boss: Clown Prix 2:31:31 - Perilous Pipes 2:44:44 - Under Pressure 2:58:40 - Down the Tubes 3:15:22 - Boss: Krome Keeper 3:21:26 - Ghostly Garden 3:34:30 - Creepy Catacombs 3:47:05 - Grave Danger 3:58:55 - Boss: Toc-Man 4:07:03 - ENDING 2 4:09:14 - Pirate Ship Area - Stage 1 4:10:40 - Pirate Ship Area - Stage 2 4:11:50 - Pirate Ship Area - Stage 3 4:13:01 - Pirate Ship Area - Stage 4 4:14:06 - Ruins Area - Stage 1 4:15:32 - Ruins Area - Stage 2 4:16:45 - Ruins Area - Stage 3 4:18:00 - Space Area - Stage 1 4:19:13 - Space Area - Stage 2 4:20:26 - Space Area - Stage 3 4:21:43 - Funhouse Area - Stage 1 4:22:57 - Funhouse Area - Stage 2 4:24:07 - Funhouse Area - Stage 3 4:25:19 - Factory Area - Stage 1 4:26:44 - Factory Area - Stage 2 4:27:56 - Factory Area - Stage 3 4:29:09 - Boss Mansion Area - Stage 1 4:30:27 - Boss Mansion Area - Stage 2 4:31:53 - Boss Mansion Area - Stage 3 4:33:03 - ENDING 1 4:35:34 - Credits

Fallout 4 - Longplay (Main Quest) Full Game Walkthrough [No Commentary]


Fallout 4 Main Quest played on Hard mode which was a fun challenge. So Fallout 4 is quite a long game, I think the main reason for this is you have 4 quests lines wrapped into one. Compared to a game like Skyrim which has it's own Main quest that's separate from the other questlines... well with an exception or two. So it's no secret I joined the Brotherhood of Steel. For two reasons 1. Liberty Prime is awesome. 2. There the only faction I felt made sense to join. Minutemen are weak, and annoying I'm looking at you Preston. Railroad don't make any sense as a Faction in Fallout, there theme is great though. And the Institute are crazy and literally replace Humans with synths, so yeah No Thanks. Brotherhood have there flaws too but outta the 4, I'll pick them. Some of the most fun I had was base building which I'll have a separate longplay on, that was about 8 hours of gameplay in itself. And the combat is extremely fun, skirmish's would happen out of no where and add an additional layer of fun. The guns sound great, and feel good to use. The Power Armor makes you feel like a Bad🤍$$ as it's kinda op. And searching every container for useful items like Ammo, Stimpacks, or even Duct tape. The music by Inon Zur is fantastic and very immersive. Fallout 4 has a pretty fun gameplay loop for awhile. It has it's flaws dialogue choices are meh. But overall I had a blast playing it. Like always I hope you enjoy watching this longplay. Also I think the female voice actor (Courtenay Taylor) nailed it outta the park that's why I choose her ;) And Yes I named my character Serana lol Gameplay recorded by Loopy Timestamps: Intro - 0:00 Gameplay starts - 3:48 Vault 111 - 12:45 Waking Up - 18:48 The Commonwealth - 33:44 Sanctuary - 39:30 Dogmeat - 52:58 Concord - 1:20:34 Power Armor - 1:48:32 Wasteland Exploring - 2:14:24 Weston Water Treatment Plant - 4:07:32 Corvega Assembly Plant - 4:51:28 Cambridge Police Station - 5:54:23 ArcJet Systems - 6:15:00 Boston Public Library - 6:54:14 Cabot House - 7:30:12 Diamond City - 7:49:44 Valentine Detective Agency - 8:08:49 Goodneighbor - 8:36:07 Rescuing Valentine - 8:59:30 Story Time - 9:36:34 The Hunt for Kellogg - 9:55:37 Kellogg - 10:48:39 The Brotherhood of Steel - 10:55:20 Update on Shawn - 11:08:19 The Memory Den - 11:14:22 The Third Rail - 11:50:55 Takahashi - 12:00:24 Giving My Story - 12:02:48 Exploring the Wastes - 12:12:34 The Prydwen - 13:43:42 Show No Mercy - 14:22:17 Buddy - 15:06:50 Back to the Cabot House - 15:26:28 Parsons State Insane Asylum - 15:58:10 The Glowing Sea - 16:30:00 Virgil - 16:54:04 The Railroad - 17:14:44 Raidroad HQ - 17:24:53 Hunter/Hunted - 17:52:18 Back to Virgil - 18:21:55 To the Institute - 18:39:27 Son? - 18:43:04 Dr. Li - 19:17:08 Vigil's Serum - 19:50:18 The Castle - 20:17:20 The Battle for Bunker Hill - 20:32:44 I'm Sorry but No Son - 20:47:18 Rebuilding Liberty - 20:54:38 Liberty Reprimed - 21:28:46 Paladin Danse - 21:41:57 Goodnight Railroad - 22:02:22 Mass Fusion building - 22:14:58 Liberty Prime - 22:36:44 Taking Down The Institute - 22:55:08 Farewell Shawn - 23:08:48 The Nuclear Option - 23:25:40 Ending - 23:26:14 Goodbye - 23:57:28 Support this channel on: Paypal - 🤍 Patreon - 🤍 Merchandise Shop: Red Bubble - 🤍 Follow me on: Twitch - 🤍 Discord - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍

SNES Longplay - Super Mario World


100% longplay all level exits and Dragon Coins are shown. This was recorded on the snes9x emulator. I did die more than a few times - I edited out the deaths afterwards, so none of them appear in the video. I also did a bit of editing towards the end of the video, in the final level. Normally the player just picks two rooms and can't access the other six, but for completion's sake I decided to show all of them. You might notice that I crouch a lot, seemingly at random. That's just my USB controller being weird.

PC Longplay [179] Blade Runner


🤍 Played by: nicegaff An ambitious game, and a lot of fun. Looks like they put a lot of effort into the 3D but still some characters are very pixelated - just the state of the art in 1997 i guess. Some notes: I didn't think to show off the KIA much. The shooting range has a "bug" where the targets take forever to pop up when running the game on modern PCs, some edits are a little rough (sorry, still learning!). I didn't need to go back to the police station before killing Dektora. I tried to VK Lucy as human, but she was a replicant every time. Clovis leaves poetry on your answering machine every night if you spend enough time in the game. At 01:07:45, that's supposed to be Deckard in the movie talking to the fish lady. Thanks to Evil Surge for his walkthrough. Some alternative scenes at the end of the video: - Dodge soup, kill special, let Zuben live - Poisoned by Early Q - Let Dektora live - Badass rat - Type pogo in KIA - Wtf? - The (kinda creepy) Lucy ending - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

Gran Turismo 7 - Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough Longplay - GT7 (PS5)


Gran Turismo 7 (PS5) Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game Longplay - Ray Tracing Mode | No Commentary - GT7 (4K 60FPS) This is my full playthrough of the game with No Commentary on the PS5 in Ray Tracing Mode. Enjoy the gameplay! I did have to mute the intro cutscene and credits songs due to copyright claims. Music is also muted the whole game due to music claims. Sorry ►NOTE - Thanks to Playstation Canada for the review copy of the game. Review will be on our site soon! ►Join this channel to get access to perks - 🤍 ►Streamlabs Donations, Tips, etc - 🤍 ►Discord: The Hunter's Dream - 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍raijumc - 🤍 ►NOTE - Outro Music credit goes to my friends Black Creek Reign: Twitter - 🤍 Spotify - 🤍 FB - 🤍facebook.com/blackcreekreign Website - 🤍blackcreekreign.ca

PC Longplay [034] Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven (part 1 of 2)


🤍 Played by: martanius Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven (often shortened to Mafia) is a third-person shooter video game developed by Illusion Softworks (now 2K Czech) and published by Gathering. The game was released for Microsoft Windows in 2002, and later ported to the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox consoles in 2004, in North America and Europe. The game allows the player to take on the role of a mafioso who has to accomplish various missions in order to advance in the game. Mafia received positive reviews for the Windows version, with critics praising the game for its realism, while the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions of the game received mixed reviews. A sequel, Mafia II by 2K Czech, was released in 2010, and a third game titled Mafia III by Hangar 13 is scheduled for a 2016 release. I did all Lucas Bertone's side missions, tutorial and campaign only. - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

World of Longplays Live: TMNT: Shredder's Revenge (PC) featuring Spazbo4 & Tsunao


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge played by Spazbo4 & Tsunao Played on the PC version on okay difficulty for both Story mode and Arcade mode Spazbo4 is Leonardo in Story mode and Casey Jones in Arcade mode Tsunao is April O'Neill in Story mode and Raphael in Arcade mode Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge Developer: Tribute Games Publisher: Dotemu Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch Release: June 16th, 2022 0:00:00 - Prestream 0:09:47 - Story Mode 2:10:34 - Arcade Mode 3:54:26 - Stream End

Horizon Forbidden West Full Gameplay Walkthrough (Longplay)


Horizon Forbidden West Full Gameplay Walkthrough (Longplay) ►Longplay Playlist: 🤍 ►Twitter : 🤍 ►Future Walkthroughs / Gameplays: 🤍 ►Nintendo ID/ PSN / Xbox Live: Cageccc /Switch: SW-1782-6512-8513 ► No Commentary Gameplay Walkthrough by Xcagegame ►Game Informations : * Code provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. Impressions: Overall I liked the game. You get about what you can expect from a Horizon game. Diving expands the world meaningfully. The audiovisual is also excellent. Climbing could be a bit better though. But otherwise Horizon Forbidden West is a great game.

Karate Blazers Longplay (Arcade) [4K]


Game Info - Developer: Video System Publisher: Video System Year of Release: 1991 Game Review & Impressions - I wasn't sure what to expect from Karate Blazers, but it turned out to be one of the most fun beat 'em ups I've played in a while. The sheer number of enemies the game throws at you can seem rather daunting, but once you start chaining combos together and cannoning bad guys into one another it becomes great fun. Factor in some decent graphics and audio effects, and this is definitely a coin-op worthy of your attention. Information & Trivia - Video Notes - Related Longplays & Videos - Chapters -

SNES Longplay - Donkey Kong Country


101% longplay (this game has an extra %, it's a tradition with the DKC games). All bonus rooms and KONG letters are shown. There is a bit of a weird glitch involving the KONG letters that happens a few times throughout this longplay. Basically what happens is this: I get a certain number of KONG letters, I collect three animal tokens, I play an animal mini-game and then get taken back to the main level. When I get the next KONG letter, the game acts like I didn't get the previous KONG letters that I got before the animal mini-game! This glitch isn't game-breaking or anything, but it may confuse some people. So if you see the game acting like I didn't collect certain KONG letters, rest assured that I actually did get them. This was recorded on an emulator (snes9x) with a USB controller in one sitting; no save states or re-recording tools were used. I died a bunch of times during the recording, but the deaths have all been edited out, so none of them appear in the video. Lastly, it's probably best that I explain what I did from 1:04:21 - 1:04:32. In the level Oil Drum Alley, in one of its bonus rooms you have to get three bananas, then a barrel will appear. You then have to use that barrel to break the right wall to enter a bonus room within a bonus room (!). To do it properly you need to grab the barrel as soon as you can, then hold right while jumping. This is kind of tricky to pull off if you don't know what you're doing, so I thought I'd bring mention to it in case it confuses anyone.

PC Longplay [032] The Secret of Monkey Island


🤍 Played By: puttputt131 - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

QuickLook [0922] PC - ANIQUILATION


🤍 🤍longplays.org Played by NPI ANIQUILATION: Quicklook only through the first four levels (and first boss). The story is a bit flawed but this is a decent shooter, with tons of enemies you need to aniquilate.

Wii Longplay [089] Obscure: The Aftermath (US)


🤍 Played by: KAGE-008 Developed by Hydravision and published by Playlogic and Ignition. This is some sort of survival horror game that was originally released for PS2, also that it's the sequel to the first ObsCure game (the plot is set two years after the events of the prequel). The game also got a port for the PSP as well. Along with the main characters Stan, Shannon and Kenny (nope, not going to spoil anything that directly involves them, lol), some new people join the team as playable characters, including Corey who can reach higher places and Mei who can open certain doors that are locked by a word code. In my opinion, this game mixes Silent Hill with some elements from the Fatal Frame games. To the point I can even say the prequel is also like that. (Personal note: Need to play that one at some point...). The longplay covers everything that's essential for the main story, including the small keys to get some useful weapons, especially the stun gun that helps A LOT at the lurker and spider fights, making it easy to preserve some medikits and serums for later parts in the game. All the collectable documents (generic reports, pieces of notes and puzzle hints) were also found as well. There are also some wall ads/writings at the Brotherhood sections that don't add anything special to the story, though I show most of them. Plus that I added some bonus at the end of the video: an artwork gallery that gets unlocked after fully completing the game once. The television option is a video gallery which is basically all the FMV cutscenes that are already shown in the playthrough. Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Longplay (Main Quest) Walkthrough (No Commentary)


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Main Quest) Walkthrough, Join me on this epic quest as we close shut the jaws of Oblivion. So letting ya'll know this will be part 1 of 4. This video is the Full Main Campaign, but I will be doing 4 oblivion videos in total. My favorite being the Dark Brotherhood. Oblivion has some pretty good quests, the main story was interesting and fun until I had to go retrieve 4 artifacts. After that though the emperor had an awesome lotr inspired speech. I enjoyed that. The Battle with all the soldiers was fun but kind of sad with some of the deaths. Anyways hope you enjoy this longplay. Played on Pc (Steam) Gameplay recorded by Loopy This is Part 1 of 4. Future Videos to be released in the coming weeks: Part 1 - Main Story Part 2 - The Arena Part 3 - The Dark Brotherhood Part 4 - The Thieves Guild 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 If you feel like donating, 100% of the donations will be for buying more games to do longplays of. If you have requests when donating on paypal, please leave a message of the game your donating for. As I will try to make it a priority. Paypal donation link - 🤍 Patreon donation link - 🤍 Twitter page - 🤍

Mega Drive Longplay - Sonic the Hedgehog 2


🤍 Played By: RickyC My 360 d-pad acts weird with this game. It doesnt always lets me run at full speed so sometimes im struggling to move. - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

GoldenEye 007 XBLA - Longplay (4K 60FPS)


For Your Eyes Only. Footage of the cancelled GoldenEye XBLA remake/remaster/port from 2007, full game on 00 Agent, 4k 60FPS and thirty minutes of multiplayer games. Played on Xenia emulator to achieve a higher resolution than on Xbox 360. This version is from 2007 and not final / most up to date, the game was set to release during 2008. Somewhere in the world there is an official, more up to date version of this. If you want more info on why it was cancelled, I recommend taking a look at these three interviews. Interview about GE XBLA cancellation: 🤍 A recent interview after the game leaked: 🤍 Another interview: 🤍 And information about the guidelines and rules MGM/EON applied to the franchise after GoldenEye 64's success: 🤍 After the updated interviews (thanks Ars Technica!) we can see *one* guy at Nintendo seems to be the responsible of this not hitting the stores in 2008, despite all of them being okay with it. Still leaves 2014's cancellation for Rare Replay as a mystery though, but looking at other events around the time before IOI's new game was announced, we can think of MGM/EON as the reason. 007 Legends made Eurocom shut down in 2012, Activision lost the license and put the franchise in sleep for 8 years until 2020. Safe to assume MGM/EON wouldn't want to try to release this already 6 years old remaster. Fast forward to 2022 and we have all the achievements viewable on the official Xbox page. The official remaster is finally coming. Download my 100% save file for Xenia emulator - 🤍 Extract in \Documents\Xenia\content Don't ask me for a download link of the game, check the archives. Download Xenia (Please note that latest Xenia versions have issues with GoldenEye XBLA, it is recommended to use a Xenia build from January to April / May 2021): 🤍 ►Subscribe! 🤍 ►Discord: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Reddit: 🤍 Timestamps: 0:00 - Intro 1:31 - Dam 8:30 - Facility 14:40 - Runway 17:05 - Surface I 22:08 - Bunker I 25:42 - Silo 30:09 - Frigate 33:22 - Surface II 38:39 - Bunker II 43:16 - Statue 50:22 - Archives 55:33 - Streets 59:46 - Depot 1:02:54 - Train 1:07:15 - Jungle 1:11:35 - Control 1:20:00 - Caverns 1:27:20 - Cradle 1:29:59 - Credits 1:33:14 - Aztec 1:38:40 - Egyptian 1:42:19 - Dam Multiplayer 1:48:07 - Frigate Multiplayer 1:52:36 - Complex Multiplayer LTK 2:02:47 - Facility Multiplayer 2:08:21 - Depot Multiplayer #BringGoldenEyeBack #BringGEBack #GoldenEye #XBLA #JamesBond #GE007

Raft - Longplay Gameplay No Commentary


Raft Blind Longplay. This is one of the first times I've played raft so I have next to no clue what I'm doing but figured I'd share this journey. Hope ya enjoy watching. Gameplay recorded by Loopy Support this channel on: Paypal - 🤍 Patreon - 🤍 Merchandise Shop: Red Bubble - 🤍 Follow me on: Twitch - 🤍 Discord - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍

Switch Longplay [008] Sonic Mania Plus (Part 1 of 3) Sonic and Tails


🤍 Played by: Spazbo4 I originally got the collector's edition for this game on PS4 but decided to buy the regular game for Nintendo Switch since there is no other portable version of the game released First part is with Sonic and Tails as I collect all 7 chaos emeralds within the first 2 stages and try to get all of the gold coins from the blue sphere stages, I already had a few of those coins before I started this longplay so some of those stages are not shown in this longplay The second part is with Knuckles as I go through the stages and collect the emeralds and skip the sphere stages since there is no point in doing them after I already did them all in the previous part I do not do a Tails only run this time unlike my PS4 longplay of the same game because there are no level differences between it and Sonic and Tails, as for playing with Knuckles there are a couple of changes for example the act 2 boss in the Lava Reef Zone is completely different for Knuckles and Act 1 of Marage Saloon Zone is also completely different - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

SNES Longplay - Star Fox (OLD)


🤍 Played By: RickyC Some of the menu screen seemed to have gotten cut but its not missing anything too important. Game speed isn't perfect in places. - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

World of Longplays Live: Huntdown (PS4) featuring ScHlAuChi


🤍 I missed showing one secret in 2-2 - the Running Man reference!

Game boy Advance Longplay [177] Tom and Jerry Tales


🤍 Played by: NPI I don't like this mouse, but this game is fine I guess. - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

Longplay of Metroid Prime


Longplay of Metroid Prime, played as the NTSC version on the GameCube. This game's version was released on Nov. 17th, 2002. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment down below! 0:00:00 - Start 0:00:37 - Space Station 0:07:40 - Boss: Parasite Queen 0:09:23 - Evacuation 0:16:35 - Chozo Ruins: Missile Launcher 0:22:16 - Chozo Ruins: Morph Ball 0:26:56 - Chozo Ruins: Morph Ball Bomb 0:32:45 - Chozo Ruins: Charge Beam 0:38:31 - Chozo Ruins: Varia Suit 0:42:22 - Boss: Flaahgra 0:48:21 - Phendrana Drifts: Boost Ball 1:06:41 - Tallon Overworld: Space Jump Boots 1:13:46 - Magmoor Caverns: Artifact of Strength 1:18:24 - Phendrana Drifts: Wave Beam 1:23:56 - Phendrana Drifts: Super Missile Beam Combo 1:36:10 - Phendrana Drifts: Thermal Visor 1:44:24 - Phendrana Drifts: Spider Ball 1:55:35 - Boss: Thardus 2:03:04 - Chozo Ruins: Wavebuster Beam Combo 2:16:44 - Chozo Ruins: Artifact of the Wild 2:25:02 - Chozo Ruins: Ice Beam 2:36:03 - Phendrana Drifts: Gravity Suit 2:54:58 - Phazon Mines: Power Bomb 3:32:43 - Phazon Mines: Grapple Beam 3:39:06 - Tallon Overworld: X-Ray Visor 3:43:33 - Tallon Overworld: Artifact of Chozo 3:46:53 - Chozo Ruins: Artifact of the Lifegiver 3:59:21 - Magmoor Caverns: Plasma Beam 4:06:55 - Phendrana Drifts: Artifact of the Sun 4:12:41 - Phendrana Drifts: Artifact of Elder 4:20:16 - Phendrana Drifts: Artifact of Spirit 4:25:31 - Magmoor Caverns: Ice Spreader Beam Combo 4:34:26 - Magmoor Caverns: Artifact of Nature 4:38:17 - Chozo Ruins: Artifact of World 4:46:35 - Phazon Mines: Flamethrower Beam Combo 4:52:37 - Phazon Mines: Artifact of the Warrior 4:54:39 - Phazon Mines: Phazon Suit & Beam 5:09:59 - Boss: Omega Pirate 5:20:06 - Phazon Mines: Artifact of Newborn 5:22:06 - Tallon Overworld: Artifact of Truth 5:33:42 - Boss: Meta Ridley 5:41:53 - Impact Crater 5:45:11 - Final Boss: Metroid Prime 6:00:28 - Ending 6:01:30 - Credits 6:04:43 - Post-credits

SNES Longplay [600] Earthbound


🤍 Played by: xRavenXP This is the longplay of the game EarthBound, originally released in Japan under the title of Mother 2: Gyiyg in Gyakushū, and is an RPG game co-developed by Ape, Inc and HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the console Super Nintendo. It was designed by Shigesato Itoi, who also developed his predecessor, Mother, exclusive in Japan. The game was released in Japan in August 1994, and in North America in June 1995 but never in Europe until it was released on the Virtual Console of the Nintendo Wii U in 2013. In EarthBound you will not find medieval weapons, dragons and anything like that. But you will come across hallucinated hippies, space creatures, and various references to suburban customs and ideas that everyone in the background has but seems absurd, like that of the evil neighbor. The plot takes place in the town of Onett, in the year 199X. Ness, a normal boy who, after a meteor falls almost from the side of his house, knows in the vicinity of the meteor Buzz Buzz, an insect that sent him for a journey to finish with Giygas, the "cosmic destroyer of planets". In this journey, Ness (a boy who uses baseball bat and powers of psinergy) will have to search for eight sanctuaries to the forces of the Earth to have the necessary force to destroy Giygas and for this it will count on the help of three more children, Paula (the girl (The genius boy, expert in weapons and explosives) and Poo (the warrior boy from the east, who has exclusive equipment and can only feed himself with oriental food). EarthBound has a escapism that includes a contemporary plot, characters using baseballs, slings and yo-yos as weapons, enemies like dogs, clowns and statues, many jokes and references to pop culture and hippie and absurd subplots like looking for a machine that does Yogurt flavored trout. Despite its poor sales in the US, the game was praised by players for their humorous depictions of American culture and parody in the RPG genre, making it a cult classic. It is in my opinion one of the best games of all time and deserves all our recognition, it is an unforgettable game! I loved having recorded this video, got all the Poo equipment (including the Sword of Kings, extremely difficult to get) and all the photos, plus I chose the Apple Kid to help me out on that journey. I love and recommend the game! - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

NES Longplay [415] Yie-Ar Kung Fu


🤍 Played by: MrPopsicle43 Decent early fighting game by Konami. I play 2 loops. - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

World of Longplays Live: GTA Online: The Contract. Featuring Spazbo4 & ScHlAuChi (Part 1 of 2)


This is a special Christmas stream of us playing through The Contract for the first time so don't expect us to be any good at this or anything

NES Longplay [052] Super Mario Bros. 3


🤍 Played by: Spazbo4 I saw that this was uploaded to longplays as the SNES version with the better graphics and stuff, so I decided to do it in its original glory. - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

Longplay of Pac-Man World


Longplay of Pac-Man World, played as the NTSC version on the PlayStation. This game's version was released on Sep. 30th, 1999. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment down below! 0:00:00 - Opening 0:02:43 - Intro 0:04:28 - Buccaneer Beach 0:08:44 - Corsair's Cove 0:21:39 - Crazy Cannonade 0:34:15 - Boss: HMS Windbag 0:36:18 - Crisis Cavern 0:46:57 - Manic Mines 1:02:01 - Boss: Anubis Rex 1:06:11 - Space Race 1:13:10 - Far Out 1:21:41 - Gimme Space 1:28:16 - Boss: King Galaxian 1:34:42 - Clowning Around 1:45:39 - Barrel Blast 1:58:11 - Spin Dizzy 2:10:33 - Boss: Clown Prix 2:13:23 - Perilous Pipes 2:22:23 - Under Pressure 2:34:07 - Down the Tubes 2:45:03 - Boss: Krome Keeper 2:49:24 - Ghostly Garden 2:59:55 - Creepy Catacombs 3:08:49 - Grave Danger 3:14:00 - Boss: Toc-Man 3:17:52 - ENDING Mazes 3:19:18 - Pirate Maze #1 3:20:53 - Pirate Maze #2 3:22:30 - Pirate Maze #3 3:23:56 - Pirate Maze #4 3:25:17 - Cavern Maze #1 3:26:51 - Cavern Maze #2 3:28:33 - Cavern Maze #3 3:30:11 - Space Maze #1 3:31:34 - Space Maze #2 3:33:20 - Space Maze #3 3:34:52 - Funhouse Maze #1 3:36:36 - Funhouse Maze #2 3:38:06 - Funhouse Maze #3 3:39:53 - Factory Maze #1 3:41:38 - Factory Maze #2 3:43:35 - Factory Maze #3 3:45:12 - Mansion Maze #1 3:47:04 - Mansion Maze #2 3:48:37 - Mansion Maze #3 3:50:23 - Outtakes 3:52:20 - Credits By: SpectreBull

Arcade Longplay [057] Metal Slug X


🤍 Played By: ScHlAuChi - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

Sonic Colours (Wii) playthrough ~Longplay~


This is a playthrough of Sonic Colours for the Nintendo Wii. (timestamps below) Sonic Colours is one of the best 3D Sonic games and I thought it deserved a better playthrough than my last run. While it's only a short game (and many of the worlds pad themselves with short filler acts), what's here is solid. And yes, I love this game's writing. 0:00:00 Opening 0:02:14 Tropical Resort Act 1 0:04:14 Tropical Resort Act 2 0:08:39 Tropical Resort Act 3 0:11:20 Tropical Resort Act 4 0:13:08 Tropical Resort Act 5 0:14:33 Tropical Resort Act 6 0:17:14 Tropical Resort Boss 0:20:36 Sweet Mountain Act 1 0:24:00 Sweet Mountain Act 2 0:26:15 Sweet Mountain Act 3 0:28:19 Sweet Mountain Act 4 0:31:06 Sweet Mountain Act 5 0:32:48 Sweet Mountain Act 6 0:35:06 Sweet Mountain Boss 0:38:45 Starlight Carnival Act 1 0:43:13 Starlight Carnival Act 2 0:44:46 Starlight Carnival Act 3 0:46:51 Starlight Carnival Act 4 0:48:10 Starlight Carnival Act 5 0:51:59 Starlight Carnival Act 6 0:55:49 Starlight Carnival Boss 1:01:16 Planet Wisp Act 1 1:04:21 Planet Wisp Act 2 1:06:20 Planet Wisp Act 3 1:08:26 Planet Wisp Act 4 1:11:56 Planet Wisp Act 5 1:13:04 Planet Wisp Act 6 1:16:33 Planet Wisp Boss 1:18:26 Aquarium Park Act 1 1:21:37 Aquarium Park Act 2 1:22:39 Aquarium Park Act 3 1:24:46 Aquarium Park Act 4 1:28:58 Aquarium Park Act 5 1:30:52 Aquarium Park Act 6 1:35:52 Aquarium Park Boss 1:38:53 Asteroid Coaster Act 1 1:42:04 Asteroid Coaster Act 2 1:45:33 Asteroid Coaster Act 3 1:46:58 Asteroid Coaster Act 4 1:49:09 Asteroid Coaster Act 5 1:50:34 Asteroid Coaster Act 6 1:54:49 Asteroid Coaster Boss 2:03:23 Terminal Velocity Act 1 2:07:24 Final Boss 2:11:22 Terminal Velocity Act 2 2:14:36 Credits

NES Longplay [012] Mega Man


🤍 Played by: MontyMole - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

Sonic Generations (HD) playthrough ~Longplay~


I may be five years late to the party here, but SEGA decided to celebrate Sonic's 20th anniversary with style, with classic and modern Sonic meeting in Sonic Generations! I thought it might be an idea to put this up as a longplay just to see if there's any interest for this kind of thing, and it's not an overly long game so there's no harm in giving it a shot. This is a no-damage run where I get an S-Rank in every act, because... well, I might as well try to make it presentable. This is the Xbox 360 version, for the record. Enjoy! 0:00:00 Opening 0:01:30 Green Hill Classic 0:05:41 Green Hill Modern 0:10:03 Chemical Plant Classic 0:12:23 Chemical Plant Modern 0:16:31 Sky Sanctuary Classic 0:19:55 Sky Sanctuary Modern 0:24:16 Green Hill Modern Mission - "Way Past Fast" 0:26:30 Chemical Plant Classic Mission - "Invincibility Challenge" 0:28:15 Sky Sanctuary Modern Mission - "Knuckles: Buried Treasure" 0:32:03 Rival Battle: Metal Sonic 0:36:17 Boss Battle: Death Egg Robot 0:41:18 Speed Highway Classic 0:44:35 Speed Highway Modern 0:47:58 City Escape Classic 0:51:02 City Escape Modern 0:55:04 Seaside Hill Classic 0:58:38 Seaside Hill Modern 1:03:49 Speed Highway Modern Mission - "Drill Baby Drill" 1:06:03 City Escape Modern Mission - "Cream: Helping Hand" 1:08:39 Seaside Hill Modern Mission - "Rouge: The Temptress" 1:11:41 Rival Battle: Shadow the Hedgehog 1:14:28 Boss Battle: Perfect Chaos 1:19:34 Crisis City Classic 1:24:15 Crisis City Modern 1:28:21 Rooftop Run Classic 1:33:19 Rooftop Run Modern 1:37:10 Planet Wisp Classic 1:43:56 Planet Wisp Modern 1:51:46 Crisis City Classic Mission - "Flame Shield Challenge" 1:53:40 Rooftop Run Modern Mission - "Rooftop Rail Grind" 1:56:00 Planet Wisp Modern Mission - "Action Master" 1:58:08 Rival Battle: Silver the Hedgehog 2:01:47 Boss Battle: Egg Dragoon 2:10:34 Time Eater Intro 2:14:31 Final Battle: Time Eater 2:20:51 Credits - Commentary channel: 🤍

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