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Do NOT Move to Denmark! | 9 Reasons Why a Danish Life Isn't for You


Do NOT Move to Denmark! | 9 Reasons Why a Danish Life Isn't for You #Denmark #Danmark #Dansk SPOILER ALERT: Living in Denmark is NOT for everyone. Maybe you should not move to Denmark. In this video we examine 9 reasons why moving to Denmark might not be for you. Sure, we love living in Denmark, but we wanted to identify reasons NOT to move to Denmark. The idea is that maybe we can help people determine if a Danish life is right for them or not. No country is perfect, and every destination is full of pros and cons for the people living there. This certainly applies to Denmark and here are 9 reasons not to move to Denmark. 1. Don't move to Denmark if you want to master Dansih. It's possible, but Danes may want to just speak English to you - especially because you will have an accent and struggle with pronunciation. 2. Don't move to Denmark if you can't adjust to the climate. It's likely colder, wetter, and greyer than wherever you are moving from. 3. Don't move to Denmark if you can't handle the dark winter and extra daylight in the summer. The light balance is very different than what we were used to growing up in the northeast USA. It may be the same for you. 4. A Danish life isn't right for you if you love mountains and winter sporting activities. Many people think of Scandinavia as mountains and fjords - but Denmark is rather flat and there won't be much skiing for you here. 5. Don't move to Denmark and expect to "be Danish". It just won't happen like that, and you shouldn't give up your own culture to adopt Danish culture. 6. A Danish life isn't for you if you can't adapt to Danish foods and food culture. Many Danish traditions involve food, and they'll all take a little adaptation PLUS you may not find your foods from your home country very easily. 7. Don't move to Denmark if you can't be around drinking. Danes like to drink and many traditions in Denmark include alcohol, toasts, shots, or general drinking. Sure, you can stay sober, but it can be overwhelming at first. 8. Reconsider adopting a new Danish life if you are a super ambitious person, especially if you brag and like to show off your success. It won't fit in well in Danish culture. 9. Don't move to Denmark if you're overly outgoing with strangers and new people. If you're super extroverted and think you can make friends everywhere you go, you may come off too strong for the Danes. CHAPTERS: Intro - 0:00 Learning Danish - 0:25 Danish Weather - 2:13 The Light Balance - 3:26 No Mountains in Denmark - 5:17 You Want to be Danish - 6:38 Danish Food - 8:07 Drinking in Denmark - 9:29 Over-Ambition - 11:13 Overly Friendly? - 13:14 Final Thoughts - 15:06 Inspired by this video about not moving to Norway by 🤍Anna Goldman: 🤍 SEND MONEY INTERNATIONALLY? Get a FREE transfer up to 500 GBP with Wise (formerly TransferWise) using our link: 🤍 MERCH SHOP: 🤍 DEREK'S LILLE FREDAG SHIRT: 🤍 SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 For more information about expat life in Denmark and living in Copenhagen, check out our blogs: Robe Trotting: 🤍 and Everything Copenhagen: 🤍 INQUIRIES: Email: info🤍 DISCLOSURE: This is NOT sponsored content, but if you purchase something after clicking on links we may earn a commission at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP FAMILY: 🤍 OUR EQUIPMENT (highly recommended): Hohem iSteady SmartPhone Gimbal: 🤍 Rode SmartLav+ Mics: 🤍 Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera: 🤍 Hama | Star 61 Camera Tripod: 🤍 Mountdog Softbox Lighting Kit: 🤍 Mountdog 18" Ring Light: 🤍

Denmark Beyond Copenhagen


Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | Using Copenhagen as a springboard, we'll visit the very best of Denmark. Aarhus welcomes us with its ruddy affluence, charming open-air museum, and eerily well-preserved ancient bog man. Roskilde impresses visitors with its royal burial church and the best Viking-ship museum anywhere. And the delightfully quaint isle of Ærø comes with half-timbered cottages, ships in bottles, and cobbled alleyways that remind us of the world of Hans Christian Andersen. © 2008 Rick Steves' Europe #ricksteves #ricksteveseurope #denmark

10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Denmark 🇩🇰 | Denmark Travel Video


10 Beautiful Places to visit in Denmark 🇩🇰 | Denmark Travel Video. Some of the best places to visit in Denmark are right here in this Denmark travel guide. Featuring Denmark tourist attractions such as the Skagen, rubjerg knude, Copenhagen, aalborg, Ribe, hvide sande, Frederiksborg castle, Bornholm and many more! So if its your first time visiting Denmark then try some of these Danish towns instead of the popular cities! Check out more from the travel guides in the playlists ✅ SUBSCRIBE So you wont miss another episode - 🤍 ✅ More Destinations in the Playlist - 🤍 ⌚ ALL POLAND TRAVEL SERIES: ✅ Krakow Poland Travel (Summer Series) - 🤍 ✅ Krakow Poland Winter Series - 🤍 ✅ Wroclaw Poland Travel (Winter Series) 🤍 ✅ Tarnow Poland Travel - 🤍 ✅ Lublin Poland Travel - 🤍 ⌚ MORE HELPFUL LONDON VIDEOS: ✅ Where To Stay in London - 🤍 ✅ London Areas Guide (NEIGHBOURHOODS) 🤍 ✅ London Travel Guide - 🤍 ✅ FOLLOW ME!!!!! 🤍 🤍 Music by Juan Sánchez - Now The Silence - 🤍

Denmark: provoking the limits of tolerance


For decades Denmark has been a symbol of the Scandinavian model and has prided itself on its high standard of living, its excellent social welfare system and its open-mindedness towards minorities (particularly foreign communities). In 2019, the UN declared Denmark the happiest country in the world. However, in the last couple of decades cracks have begun to appear in the Utopian model. The wave of immigrants arriving from the Middle East has stirred tensions. The state tracks down illegal migrants, men, women and children, and confines them to detention centers. The country’s latest project in dealing with arrivals has been to place them on an island. Between a model of tolerance and an identity crisis, is Denmark becoming a nation of two minds? Director: Antoine Dufeu

Why is Denmark taking a hard line on migrants and refugees? | Inside Story


Denmark's government is being criticised for its plans to eradicate disadvantaged neighbourhoods. A set of laws, controversially called the 'ghetto package', was introduced in 2018. It aims to transform areas with high rates of crime and unemployment. But rights groups say immigrant communities are being unfairly singled out. Denmark has been tightening its rules for immigrants and asylum seekers, including revoking the resident permits of some Syrian refugees. But are accusations of racism justified? Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom Guests: Muhammad Aslam - Chairman, Mjolnerparken Residents' Association. Fatma Tounsi - Co-founder of Almen Modstand, an organisation campaigning against the 'anti-ghetto laws'. First Ukraine grain ship passes inspection in Istanbul Subscribe to our channel 🤍 Follow us on Twitter 🤍 Find us on Facebook 🤍 Check our website: 🤍 Check out our Instagram page: 🤍 🤍AljazeeraEnglish #Aljazeeraenglish #News #Denmark #Refugees #Refugee #Migran #Migrants #Syria #Unemployment

Denmark Is Leading Europe's Anti-Immigration Policies


In 2019 Denmark tightened its immigration controls— making refugee status more temporary. Denmark has now decided Damascus, the Syrian capital, is safe, meaning some 380 Syrian refugees are facing the prospect of having to leave Denmark. Subscribe to VICE News here: 🤍 Check out VICE News for more: 🤍 Follow VICE News here: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 More videos from the VICE network: 🤍 #VICENews #News

How Denmark took a hard line on Immigrants | Foreign Correspondent


‘What is Danish?’ asks comedian Ellie Jokar. Born in Iran, now a Dane, Ellie struggles to understand why her once friendly country has pulled up the welcome mat. Hamish Macdonald explores a nation with an identity crisis. It’s one of the most open and equal countries in the world. Denmark has long had a reputation for welcoming migrants and protecting its minorities. But these days there are fractures in this once cohesive society. Its mood of tolerance has shifted and now migrants feel on the outer. ‘When do you feel Danish? What is Danish?’, asks actress and comedian Ellie Jokar, who arrived in Denmark from Iran with her family when she was four. Now she feels she lives in a no man’s land. "I define myself as a grey zone kid because people like me are not accepted by the Danes and not accepted by the Muslims.” In recent years, the government has passed a hundred laws which place strict controls on immigrants: they’ve frozen the intake of refugees, banned the burqa in public and made it mandatory for children of migrants to attend Danish cultural training from the age of one. The laws are some of the most draconian in Europe and have the backing of both sides of politics. Some areas with large immigrant populations have been designated as ‘ghettos’, where you get double the punishment for a crime. Foreign Correspondent reporter Hamish Macdonald travels through Denmark in midsummer and takes the temperature of a country in the middle of an identity crisis. He meets a far-right politician whose provocative stunts include throwing around the Koran and who often needs a police entourage when he appears in public. He wants all Muslims deported. Hamish visits a young Muslim woman who’s been driven indoors by the burqa ban, and he has lunch with the local councillor who’s making pork compulsory on the menu at restaurants and schools in his area. “If you want to be integrated and accepted, they must also accept the way we live”, he says. Hamish also takes a ride in Ellie’s pink taxi – made famous in her hit YouTube show – where she interviews Danes from all sides of the political fence, using humour to navigate and explore the cultural divide. “I meet people that are different than me…and I try to get to the bottom of, how did they become extreme Muslims? Extremist right wing?”, she says. But Ellie is increasingly worried about the growing divisions in her country and longs for strong leaders who can build bridges. ‘So the Danes are over here. The Muslims are over here and…they don't really know how to communicate’. Read more here: 🤍 About Foreign Correspondent: Foreign Correspondent is the prime-time international public affairs program on Australia's national broadcaster, ABC-TV. We produce half-hour duration in-depth reports for broadcast across the ABC's television channels and digital platforms. Since 1992, our teams have journeyed to more than 170 countries to report on war, natural calamity and social and political upheaval – through the eyes of the people at the heart of it all. Contributions may be removed if they violate ABC’s Online Terms of Use 🤍 (Section 3). This is an official Australian Broadcasting Corporation YouTube channel

What nobody told you about Denmark... 🇩🇰


21 interesting & weird facts about Denmark. Things that you didn't know about Denmark BUT you probably should know (especially if you're considering moving here). | Get MY BOOK 'I lived in Shanghai' on Amazon! 🤍 In this video I show you around the city I grew up in, Copenhagen, Denmark's capital, and share interesting facts about Denmark. Everything from hygge, MØ, Danish royal family, bike culture, most popular Danish brands, school system, being able to buy alcohol at high school parties, bad weather, currency, language in Denmark and much more! If you decided to read my book 'I lived in Shanghai' PLEASE leave an Amazon review! It would help me out a lot! :) 🤍 Instagram 🤍bykajaa 🤍 TikTok 🤍bykajaa 🤍 0:00 Things that you (probably) didn't know about Denmark! 0:52 Denmark's population, Scandinavia, currency, language, weather 1:52 Denmark has some of the highest income taxes in the world 2:16 Drinking culture in Denmark & being able to purchase alcohol in school 3:56 400 islands, land boarder, bride to Sweden, SU 6:00 Little Mermaid, MØ, most known Danish companies, Danish grading and school system 9:55 Danish alphabet æ å ø, Danish queen & royal family, Greenland and Faro Islands are part of Danish territory 12:39 is Denmark the happiest nation on earth? 13:56 Hygge, bike culture, women voting rights 15:02 Nyhavn, Kongens Nytorv, Vesterbro Contact me at bykaja🤍 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Hi! My name is Kaja Kubicka. I grew up between Poland and Denmark, and for the past couple of years I have been living in Copenhagen, Shanghai, Bangkok, Warsaw and Paris, making videos about my travels, daily life & fashion. #denmark #copenhagen #hygge #travelvlog #copenhagenvlog

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Denmark in 2021


We're obviously aware of and deeply concerned about the global pandemic, and are choosing carefully what to publish as forms of escapism and entertainment to help ease thoughts of anxiety, and provide an alternative from the news. We are obviously NOT encouraging anyone to travel now or discouraging social distancing. #Denmark #Europe #Travel Are you keen to visit this amazing country? Have Your Idea Become A Video! 🤍 Travel to our subscribe button for more great content! 🤍 We're all things travel. Plan your next vacation, trip or holiday with our insider videos on food, hot spots, hacks, adventures, beaches, tips and more!

24 hours in copenhagen, denmark


rye, hummus, and sharp cheddar. gotta try it. chamberlain coffee, website: 🤍 instagram: 🤍 twitter: 🤍 tiktok: 🤍chamberlaincoffee podcast, spotify: 🤍 apple: 🤍 amazon: 🤍

4K Copenhagen, Denmark - City Walking Tour - Traveling Around Europe - Part 1


We invite you to join us in a 2.5 hours city walking tour around the most interesting places of this charming city. We will walk through the historic city center, admire Frederiksstaden district, home to the royal family’s Amalienborg Palace, Christiansborg Palace and the Renaissance-era Rosenborg Castle. Discover Europe with 4K Urban Life! Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, sits on the coastal islands of Zealand and Amager. We will encounter heavy traffic, many different kinds of transportation, such as bicycles and mopeds, pleasure boats and buses, and of course, a huge number of cars. A lot of different people, a variety of interesting architecture, a riot of colors and many small cozy cafes and shops - all this awaits you in Copenhagen! The name of the capital means "City of Merchants", so it is not surprising that Copenhagen is now considered the most expensive capital in the world. Take a virtual walk and enjoy city life in the sunshine. Turn your TV into a virtual window to beautiful Copenhagen! Video from: #Copenhagen, Denmark Video title: Traveling Around Europe Part 1 Copenhagen Time of filming: August of 2021 Video resolution: #4K UHD Equipment used: Blackmagic Pocket 4K Video type: city walking tour video Producer: Roman Khomlyak, ProArtInc Cinematographer: Agnius Marcevicius Editor and colorist: Maxim Fomishen Supervising editor: Anatoliy Pylypenko Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard, and challenging work. Take a virtual tour around the beautiful old city on a rainy day. See the most interesting famous buildings and monuments, walk along cobbled streets, ride a bike along the embankment and enjoy the unique flavor of a European city with a long history. Discover the best attractions in the city and get inspired to make your own trip! Benefits of watching: - Virtual traveling to one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe without going anywhere. - Take a break from your routine and get inspired for future trips. See the Danish`s everyday life - Relax, abstract from your worries and fill yourself with positive emotions. This city waking tour can be a perfect virtual wallpaper for any waiting rooms, lounge zones, medical clinics, public places, etc. Take in the interesting cityscapes on your Oled TV, Samsung 4K HDR TV, Sony 4K TV, LG 4K TV, etc. To watch our videos without ads and watermarks subscribe to our app: 🤍 For licensing questions: 🤍 Like! Share! and Subscribe to our channel: 🤍 New UHD Videos Every Week! MB01WSHXQSBRQLE

COPENHAGEN 4K Denmark 4k-The Happiest Country In The World- Cinematic Drone Footage


👉Get unlimited access to more than 4 million digital assets like Stock Footage, After Effects Templates, Music Tracks, and more. A must-have subscription for any type of creator. 🤍 Copenhagen Denmark 4k is the essence of Scandi cool and the capital of the happiest country on earth. It is characterized by its canals, cycling culture, a strong economy, and happy locals. Free college tuition, more vacation days, and levels of personal intercommunication. Drone Around The World™ is a premium niche video brand specializing in Drone Footage and 4K video to bring you the most beautiful aerial view of cities around the world. Thanks For Watching!📺 COPENHAGEN 4K Denmark-The Happiest Country in the world-Drone Footage Consider subscribing for More Cinematic Drone Footage 🤍 -London Walk 4K 📷 London Time Lapse / Cinematic Drone Footage 🤍 -Riga Latvia 4K📷Largest City In The Baltic States- Cinematic Drone Footage 🤍 -Venice 4K 📷 Venice Italy/ Queen Of The Adriatic Sea / Gulf of Riga 🤍 -OSLO 4K Norway /Oslo Drone Cinematic Footage 🤍 - COPENHAGEN 4K Denmark 4k-The Happiest Country In The World- Cinematic Drone Footage 🤍 -STOCKHOLM 4K, Sweden 4K The charming Viking's City-Cinematic drone Footage 🤍 -LOFOTEN Islands 4K/ Bergen Norway Breathtaking Drone Footage 🤍 -Tallinn Estonia 4K/ Tallinn Old Town- Medieval City/ Cinematic Drone Footage 🤍 -Berlin 4K Germany / Brandenburg Gate -Cinematic Drone Footage 🤍 Music Credits: Artist: Kevin MacLeod Website: 🤍 Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 🤍 This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for your support!

Visit Denmark: What You Should Know Before You Visit Denmark


Read the Blog: 🤍 Heading to Denmark on Vacation? Here are a few things you should know before you travel to Denmark from the language and money to service and tipping. Everything you should know about Denmark before you travel there. Tourist information on Denmark of tourists. Filmed in Copenhagen, Denmark Copyright Mark Wolters 2015 5 Love & Hates of Visiting Copenhagen 🤍 5 Love & Hates of Visiting Denmark 🤍 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Denmark 🤍 What to Eat in Denmark 🤍 Denmark vs The USA: What You Should Know About Visiting Denmark Before You Go 🤍 USA Today & 10Best's #1 Independent Travel Videographer 2014 FlipKey by TripAdvisor Top 10 Travel Bloggers 2014 We travel with a Microsoft Surface everywhere we go. I edit my videos on it & use it to backup my pictures and vides while we travel. It’s light and the best travel laptop on the market in my opinion. 🤍 We use Sony Alpha series cameras to film our videos. They are compact so you don’t look like a super tourist when you take great pictures and videos while you travel. 🤍 We use Manfrotto Tripods. They are compact, travel well, and honestly I would not use another tripod for my nice cameras. 🤍 Travel Plug that works in pretty much any country & has four USB ports. A must for any traveler. 🤍 Want to grab some great gear? We have used Osprey Packs for years & swear by them. Check them out here 🤍 Need some clothing for your next adventure? Patagonia has some pretty good stuff for all kinds of travelers. 🤍 Find More Videos At: 🤍 Subscribe to Wolters World on YouTube! 🤍 Follow Us At 🤍 🤍 🤍

MAGIC from Denmark's Christian Eriksen!


MAGIC from Denmark's Christian Eriksen!

Denmark vs France 2-0 Extended Highlights & All Goals 2022 HD


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Why I moved OUT of Denmark - 3 things they don't tell you!


I lived in Denmark for about 4.5 years and that it was only recently (October 2020) that I decided to move away. I have to, of course, mention that Denmark is a wonderful country with a wealth of spectacular people whose friendships I will cherish for the rest of my life. Nevertheless, there were still a few things that bugged me to the point where I needed to leave at last for my own sake. 🌳🌳 Support House of El: 🤍 What expats wish you knew: 🤍 Why I chose the UK: 🤍 London weather vs Denmark weather: 🤍 The very emotional story of my moving day: 🤍 Here are some timestamps for a more structured view. 00:00 Oops! 01:40 Reason 1 02:43 Pronouncing vowels? 05:35 Reason 2 06:35 Reason 3 📸 markoska.elena - Come say hi! Best, Elena

Why Finland And Denmark Are Happier Than The U.S.


What does it take to be happy? The Nordic countries seem to have it all figured out. Finland and Denmark have consistently topped the United Nations’ most prestigious index, The World Happiness Report, in all six areas of life satisfaction: income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust and generosity. Learn more about work-life balance secrets from the happiest countries in the world on CNBC Make It: 🤍 Each year, a group of happiness experts from around the globe rank 156 countries based on how “happy” citizens are, and they publish their findings in the World Happiness Report. Happiness might seem like an elusive concept to quantify, but there is a science to it. When researchers talk about “happiness,” they’re referring to “satisfaction with the way one’s life is going,” Jeff Sachs, co-creator of the World Happiness Report and a professor at Columbia University, tells CNBC Make It. “It’s not primarily a measure of whether one laughed or smiled yesterday, but how one feels about the course of one’s life,” he says. Since the report began in 2012, Nordic countries — which include Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland, plus the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Aland — consistently turn up at the top of the list. (The United States, on the other hand, typically lands somewhere around 18th or 19th place.) » Subscribe to CNBC Make It.: 🤍 About CNBC Make It.: CNBC Make It. is a new section of CNBC dedicated to making you smarter about managing your business, career, and money. Connect with CNBC Make It. Online Get the latest updates: 🤍 Find CNBC Make It. on Facebook: 🤍 Find CNBC Make It. on Twitter: 🤍 Find CNBC Make It. on Instagram: 🤍 #CNBCMakeIt #Denmark #Finland Are Nordic People Really That Happy?

Is Denmark The Best Country In The World?


Denmark often ranks as one of, if not the best country in the world in many different indexes. The Kingdom of Denmark is bordered by the Baltic and North Seas in Northern Europe. It comprises the Jutland peninsula and close to 406 islands, 80 of which are populated. Denmark has a population of around 5.6 million inhabitants and the capital of Copenhagen, situated on Zealand, is the most densely populated part of the country with 1.3 million inhabitants. Denmark is a constitutional monarchy and the current head of state is Queen Margrethe II. Denmark is also a member state of the European Union but opted out of the Euro in favour of its own currency, the Krone. The national Dannebrog flag is the oldest in the world still in use. At just 43,000 KM Denmark is a very small country, in fact it is the 130th largest in the world, however if you include the entire kingdom of Denmark which includes Greenland and the Faroe islands, then it would be the 12th largest. So what makes Denmark so great? and could it actually be crowned the best country in the world? The lifestyle in Denmark is very human-oriented, with an emphasis on culture, education, and social programs. All of these factors contribute to a very high standard of living in Denmark. 🌎Which country are you from? 🗺️What is your favourite country in the world? 🌟Let us know below! 🌍Enjoy the video or learn something new? Feel free to drop a like! ❤️Love this sort of content? Consider subscribing to the channel, we've got plenty more to come. ✈️We genuinely enjoy reading your comments and read each and every one, got any cool travel stories or memories? Let us know! #Denmark #Geography

Street Food in Copenhagen - MUST-EAT DANISH FOOD in Denmark! 🇩🇰


Thank you to Visit Copenhagen: 🤍 🎥Ultimate Chinese Street Food - Chengdu: 🤍 👕T-shirts and caps: 🤍 Street food in Copenhagen, Denmark! For this street food tour, we started off at the local market, ate some gourmet market food, and then continued on to the biggest street food market in Copenhagen, followed by a visit to food hall, and finally completing this food tour with the ultimate legendary Danish street food of all! #Denmark #Copenhagen #visitcopenhagen Torvehallerne - For any food lovers, going to Torvehallerne is a must when you’re in Copenhagen. It’s an amazing artisanal market with a very high standard of food and local ingredients. You can shop for ingredients, have coffee, or choose from one of the many Danish food vendors. Omegn & Venner - Gourmet foods at Torvehallerne - This is the place we tried the first canned fish and bread, and Danish chicken salad with rye bread. They are cool, and their products are top quality. Frikadeller - One of the best things to eat is frikadeller, Danish meatballs, that are more like patty size. They are spongy and fluffy, and so good. Price - 45 DKK ($6.72) I Love Fisk - In addition to the meat frikadeller, we also tried a big fish frikadellar. Price - 50 DKK ($7.47) Seafood and Smoked Fish - But my favorite part of visiting Torvehallerne food hall, was for sure for the mixed smoked fish and seafood. We enjoyed an assortment of herring, salmon, and my favorite, smoked eel. Total price - 174 DKK ($25.98) Reffen - Street Food Market (🤍 - An amazing concept, very cool people, and a great selection of different international street food, Reffen, is the biggest street food market in Copenhagen. Build in former shipping containers, and within the old ship yards of Copenhagen, the entire market has a rustic, artistic feel. We tried the Nordic Hot Dogs, and Thrilla in Manila for some Filipino street food. Tivoli Food Hall - Next up on this Danish street food tour of Copenhagen, Esben and I went to Tivoli Food Hall to try some fast, yet gourmet food. Most of the food is international, but Hallernes Smørrebrød is one stall the serves traditional Danish open faced sandwiches. There were pretty good. Total price - 228 DKK ($34.04) John's Hotdog Deli - But for sure the place I was most looking forward to going on this entire food tour was at the end, the grand finale! John’s Hotdog deli is everything you could dream of in a hot dog and more! Classic hot dog - 32 DKK ($4.78) Again, thank you to Visit Copenhagen (🤍 for supporting my trip to Copenhagen. 🎵MUSIC: 🤍 —————————————————— 🍌Banana Chips are available now worldwide!! 🤍 👕Get t-shirts and caps: 🤍 📷Camera gear I use: 🤍 —————————————————— 📱FOLLOW: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

Copenhagen Denmark Travel Guide 2022 4K


This is a Copenhagen Denmark travel guide. In this sightseeing tour of Copenhagen we check out Tivoli Gardens, The museums, down by the waterfront and much more. Copenhagen is known as one of the best standard of living cities in the world as the income equality is very proportional throughout Denmark. #Copenhagen #Denmark #TravelGuide Island Hopper TV takes you around the world to the premiere travel destinations. Our virtual travel guides from across America to Asia, Europe and Australia have assisted many world travelers in educating themselves on their next destination to travel or even vacation.

Why Denmark Is .10 Seconds Behind The World


Measuring time is a complicated thing. Computers, banks, and stock markets in Denmark all use UTC, the international standard: but according to the law, they shouldn't. Edited by Michelle Martin (🤍mrsmmartin) Thanks to Thor Nielsen for the suggestion! I'm at 🤍 on Twitter at 🤍 on Facebook at 🤍 and on Instagram as tomscottgo

Does Denmark have double standards on refugees? - BBC News


Denmark has been accused of discriminating against refugees by human rights groups, following its welcome of Ukrainian refugees compared to others. It has passed a law allowing refugees feeling the war in Ukraine to stay in the nation for up to two years and plans to host up to 100,000 and grant work permits. However, the Danish government has also been working on plans to reduce the number of non-EU asylum seekers. Last year, it began controversially revoking the residence permits of hundreds of Syrians from the Damascus area, arguing it was now safe for them to return. The BBC's Hanan Razek reports from Denmark. Please subscribe HERE 🤍 #Denmark #Ukraine #BBCNews

Denmark 4K Nature Relaxation Film | Meditation Music, Peaceful Relaxing Music


There must be a reason why Danish people are considered to be the happiest in the world! Who wouldn’t be happy living in a beautiful, well-functioning country successfully combining the best of both old and modern Europe? With cobbled streets leading to wild nightclubs, bicycles next to buses driving on biofuels, super friendly people and delicious cuisine, this land of the Vikings has a lot to be proud of. Not to mention famous Danish design, museums, galleries, festivals… Denmark is absolutely a country to include in your tour of Europe Great as TV Screensaver (4K UHD) for Relaxing, Stress Relief, Sleep, Zen, Yoga, studying, Work... if you like this video, please leave a like and subscribe. Thanks for listening & watching, Richard | Relaxation Film ►Support a cup of coffee at: 🤍 ►Donate: 🤍 ► My List: Norway: 🤍 Austria: 🤍 Italy: 🤍 Germany: 🤍 Sweden: 🤍 Switzerland: 🤍 Switzerland (winter to spring): 🤍 Switzerland (Paradise of Earth): 🤍 Turkey: 🤍 Slovenia: 🤍 Croatia: 🤍 Norway Fjord: 🤍 Montenegro: 🤍 Georgia (country): 🤍 Denmark: 🤍 Wales: 🤍 Ireland: 🤍 Vietnam: 🤍 Mongolia: 🤍 Kazakhstan: 🤍 Thailand: 🤍 America: 🤍 California: 🤍 Nature: 🤍 Paradise: 🤍 Autumn: 🤍 Winter: 🤍 Snow: 🤍 Forest: 🤍 Forest - North American: 🤍 The Sky: 🤍 Ocean: 🤍 The Ocean - Marine: 🤍 Flower: 🤍 Nature Morning: 🤍 Nature Morning in Europe: 🤍 Beach: 🤍 European Nature Forest: 🤍 Wildlife Animals: 🤍 Rainforest: 🤍 Birds: 🤍 Animals Wildlife (Africa) 🤍 Africa: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 Dolomites: 🤍 Europe: 🤍 Kattegat: 🤍 Mountains: 🤍 North America: 🤍 Earth: 🤍 Safari: 🤍 Thank you so much Richard | Relaxation Film ∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷ Information ∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷ Instagram: 🤍relaxationfilm Facebook: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍🤍relaxationfilm Website: 🤍 ∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷ © Copyright: Music arranged and performed by Richard Footage licensed from Relaxation Film Do not duplicate without permission. Thanks for watching. #Denmark #4K #RelaxingMusic #PianoRelaxing #Nature

How Canada Just Got a Land-Border With Denmark


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Denmark vs France 2-0 Highlights | UEFA Nations League 2022


Denmark vs France Highlights | UEFA Nations League 2022 #DENFRA #uefanationsleague #nationsleague dinamarca vs francia denmark vs france フランス デンマーク uefa nations league danimarka fransa maçı франция дания france nations league denmark vs prancis dänemark frankreich francia danimarca franta danemarca prancis tadi malam フランス対デンマーク франция дания обзор nations league highlights dinamarca francia フランスデンマーク danimarka fransa denmark france hasil prancis tadi malam uefa nations league highlights timnas prancis dinamarca x frança дания франция nations league highlights 2022 highlight pháp vs đan mạch franta vs danemarca frankrike danmark dinamarca vs francia en vivo dänemark vs frankreich uefa nations league 2022 partido de francia hoy francia vs france vs switzerland highlights france vs belgium dinamarca vs francia resumen デンマーク フランス france vs spain franca x dinamarca danimarca francia pháp vs đan mạch highlight hasil prancis denmark vs france 2022 フランス デンマーク サッカー saliba vs denmark franta france vs switzerland nations league 2022 hasil denmark vs prancis francis dinamarca france vs suisse danimarka fransa 2 0 гол бензема дании resumen francia hoy frankrike vs danmark france vs france belgique frança dinamarca dinamarca x frança 2002 dinamarca vs francia 2022 denmark vs france highlights danmark vs frankrike فرنسا وسويسرا франция дания обзор матча дания франция обзор prancis match france hier frankrijk vs denemarken francia nations league francia fc france tadi malam france highlights franca dinamarca danmark frankrike フランスvsデンマーク гол бензема франция résumé france danemark nkunku france nations league dinamarca francia match de france hier fransa norveç maçı frankrijk denemarken france vs belgique france finlande france danemark highlights dinamarca vs francia 2002 denmark france 2-0 danimarka fransa maçı özeti danimarka fransa 2-0 ベンゼマ デンマーク フランス代表 デンマーク бензема гол дании uefa nations league highlights 2022 spain vs denmark samenvatting frankrijk denemarken resumen dinamarca francia pháp đan mạch highlight nations league francia nation league france kante vs denmark highlight pháp đan mạch hasil national league franța danemarca frankreich gegen dänemark frankreich francia hoy francia danimarca highlights francia france vs holland france vs espagne france vs croatia 2018 france resume france last match france espagne france danemark resume france danemark frança melhores momentos dinamarca francia en vivo danimarka fransa maçı özet danimarka fransa maçı izle danimarka fransa mac ozeti belanda vs denmark франция футбол франция нидерланды франция дания 2:0 обзор матча франция дания гол бензема за францию uefa nations league 2022 francia rezumat franta danemarca resumen uefa nations league resumen nations league resumen del partido dinamarca francia resumen del partido de francia hoy résumé ligue des nations prancis vs swiss highlights pháp vs đan mạch national league pháp vs đan mạch highlights pertandingan prancis tadi malam perancis vs partido dinamarca vs francia partido de francia nations league resumen nations league highlights france nations league denmark france highlight uefa nations league griezmann vs denmark goles dinamarca vs francia frappe ngolo kante danemark franța vs danemarca franta danemarca rezumat franta danemarca 2022 frankreich gegen dänemark live francuska danska fudbal francia vs suiza resumen francia vs denmark francia vs danimarca francia vs belgica france vs spain nations league france v denmark highlights france last match highlights frança seleção dinamarca vs francia partido completo dinamarca vs francia espn dinamarca francia resumen dinamarca francia 2002 denmark vs prancis tadi malam denmark vs france live stream フランス デンマーク ネーションズリーグ フランス デンマーク 2002 デンマーク サッカー 프랑스 덴마크 하이라이트 덴마크 축구 منتخب الدنمارك франція данія франция дания лига наций обзор франция дания лига наций франция дания лига наций 2022 франция бензема франция uefa nations league dinamarca vs francia todos los goles de la nations league 2022 selección de francia seleção frança denmark vs france live denmark nations league denmark france nations league denmark danska francuska nogomet danimarka fransa özet dänemark frankreich live danemarca franta

Denmark's $34BN Energy Islands Could Solve Europe's Power Problem


These artificial islands off the coast of Denmark could hold the key to the future of Europe's power grids. For more by Tomorrow’s Build subscribe now - 🤍 Executive Producer and Narrator - Fred Mills Producer - Adam Savage Video Editing and Graphics - Thomas Canton Additional footage and images courtesy of COWI/Arkitema, Danish Energy Agency, Energinet, Royal HaskoningDHV, TenneT, Cameron Brow/CC BY-SA 4.0 and OpenStreetMap Contributers (🤍 Follow us on Twitter - 🤍 Like us on Facebook - 🤍 Follow us on LinkedIn - 🤍 Follow us on Instagram - 🤍 #construction​ #architecture​ #energy Tomorrow's Build is owned and operated by The B1M Limited. We welcome you sharing our content to inspire others, but please be nice and play by our rules: 🤍 Our content may only be embedded onto third party websites by arrangement. We have established partnerships with domains to share our content and help it reach a wider audience. If you are interested in partnering with us please contact Enquiries🤍 Ripping and/or editing this video is illegal and will result in legal action. © 2021 The B1M Limited

Emmelie De Forest - Only Teardrops (Denmark) 2013 Eurovision Song Contest


Powered by 🤍 Emmelie De Forest will represent Denmark at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden with the song Only Teardrops

Why does Denmark Own Greenland? (Short Animated Documentary)


Greenland is massive. Denmark is not. Given its size, it's strategic position and its distance from Denmark? How does Denmark own it and why didn't anybody take it from them? If you want to find out watch this short and simple animated history documentary. 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Merch: 🤍 A special thanks to all of these Patrons below, without whom the show wouldn't be possible: Southside Mitch Franco La Bruna Richard Wolfe David archaeologist Björnosaurus Can’t Think Of A Name Mr Sandman אורי פרקש Kevin Sanders sharpie660 Pete Schulz James Nile anon SirAlpaka Mickey Landen Porkmeister Kevin Phoenix Ian Jensen jdk D. Mahlik Paul Franche Chase Labiste Ainar Garipov Connor Glaze Jeremy Alexander Washofsky John Bisges Chris Fatta Adam Stalter Wolf Dexter_McAaron Dragan Qi Xiao Andreas Mosand John Garcia Mantodea Rod D. Martin Scott O'Donnell IandB IandB Paul McGee Ryan Haber Nathan Perlman Riley davidson Andrew Niedbala Jack Mcbeth William Hilton Heytun Scott P Jane Sumpter Bernardo Santos Warren G Strand Jr Mik Scheper Andrew Patane Jack River SkyEye Darnell Barbour Käs Justin Pearson Syagrius Beans Chris Dolan Christopher Godfrey Yick Chung Erik Martin Danny Anstess Tristan Kreller bas mensink Zachary Oertel Warren Rudkin Robert Woodward Chris Hall Perry Gagne Magdalena Reinberg-Leibel Shaun Pullin Henry Rabung Ramsey Elbasheer Joshua A Bishop Tim Lane Vance Christiaanse Joooooshhhhhh Clay Carroll Joker 54 Gregory Priebe Alen Noremac_Cameron Mark Ploegstra Sytze de Witte I'm Not In The Description JAY ALAN EDELMAN Blake Dryad Vilelmus_veliki William Wold Craig Cunningham Liam Gilleece Ellen Teapot FF Nelly Alteredcorgi I keep changing my name to annoy him Jack Nelson Kinfe85 Jeffrey Schneider Luke Robinson David Chaid Chrisaztec Kevin Stolz Spencer Smith James Bisonette Fan #1 Matthew O'Connor Haydn Noble Colm Byrne Sethars Thomas Wang Colm Boyle TooMuchWaterYouDie Björn Wittmann Josh Cornelius James Harley Raptopoulos Alex Adorno Piotr Wojnowski Dakota Brunell Matthew Shipley HelloAgainThere Phillip Gathright Richard Manklow Liam Mahon Arthur Hosey Jr. Gabriel Lunde Serius_Loyola Peter O'Connor Colin Steele Dennis the Cat SmythProductions Donald Weaver mohd João Santos Christine Purvis Vilena5 Konstantin Bredyuk Pierre Le Mouel Alan Romero Peter Konieczny Steve Bonds Richard Hartzell Seth Reeves Bumble Jones Satya Moturi Brian McKinley Matthew Hogan Imperial Pony

One Week In Denmark


If you liked this video, you will love reading my book: Around the World in 60 Seconds 🤍



Today we are sharing 8 things to know before you go to Denmark, including Denmark Travel tips, the language in Denmark, Denmark Travel itinerary options and Denmark prices, all in this Denmark travel video guide. We also share what to expect in Denmark and how to visit Denmark; everything you need to know about Denmark to plan a trip there. 00:00 - INTRO 00:34 - DENMARK IS EXPENSIVE 01:13 - THE LANGUAGE 01:35 - EAT EARLY 02:02 - EXPLORE DENMARK 02:14 - USE AIRBNB 02:35 - CARRY CASH OR DEBIT 02:52 - TRY THE FOOD 03:39 - EXPECT THE BIKES 04:05 - OUTRO Looking for more travel tips and practical travel guides? Make sure you hit subscribe and ring that notification bell so you never miss a video! SUBSCRIBE ► 🤍 If you have any more questions, let us know them in the comments below! Read our travel guides on 🤍 Read more about Thailand on 🤍 Read more about theme parks on 🤍

BRIT reacts to Geography Now! Denmark


In this video I (a British guy) react to Geography Now! Denmark, where I learn all about the geography of the Scandinavian country of Denmark, including the capital city, Copenhagen! How much do you know about Denmark? Feel free to like or comment, or even subscribe to see more videos of me learning about Scandinavia - that's Norway, Sweden and Denmark! Watch the original video I reacted to here 🤍

2 killed, several injured after mall shooting in Denmark: Police


The suspect is now in custody after allegedly opening fire inside the mall. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF 'WORLD NEWS TONIGHT': 🤍 WATCH OTHER FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: 🤍 WATCH WORLD NEWS TONIGHT ON HULU: 🤍 #worldnewstonight #abcnews #denmark #massshootings

Rasmussen - Higher Ground - Denmark - Official Video - Eurovision 2018


Add or download the song to your own playlist: 🤍 Sing along with the karaoke versions: 🤍 Or buy the official CD: 🤍 Rasmussen will represent Denmark at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon with the song Higher Ground If you want to know more about the Eurovision Song Contest, visit 🤍

Young women in Denmark face deportation to Syria | Focus on Europe


Denmark has revoked the residency permits of hundreds of Syrians, including many women, who must now return to their homeland. War refugees in the EU are usually protected from deportations. Denmark broke that consensus. Subscribe: 🤍 For more news go to: 🤍 Follow DW on social media: ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 Für Videos in deutscher Sprache besuchen Sie: 🤍 #Denmark #Syria #Deportation

Denmark jobs 2021 | Understanding Denmark | How to Work in Denmark | SL Denmark Life Style | TO UK


#sltouk #AboutDenmark #DenmarkJobvisa #DenmarkVisa Denmark jobs 2021 | Understanding Denmark | How to Work in Denmark | SL Denmark Life Style | TO UK ❤ Hello everyone, welcome back to the channel! SL TO UK ❤ ඔන්න ගොඩක් අයගෙ ඉල්ලීමක් උන ඩෙන්මාර්ක් ගැන අද දවසේ කතා කරනවා. ඉතින් ඩෙන්මාර්ක් වලින් රැකියාවක් ගන්න හිතනවා නම් මේක අනිවාර්යෙන්ම බලන්න අවශ්‍යයි ⭕Time Stamp 00:00 Intro 00:48 Basic About Denmark 01:01 Job Market 04:19 High Skilled job 06:58 Skilled Job Qualifications 09:14 Low Skilled Job Qualifications ⭕ My Social media platforms: 🌐 Facebook Group: 🤍 🌐 FB Group English Preparation Hub : 🤍 🌐 My Facebook Profile: 🤍 ⭕ Special Links: Denmark Official Website: 🤍 Job Seeking Sites: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ⭕ Video Links: OET vs IELTS: 🤍 Whats is OET: 🤍 Whats Is IELTS: 🤍 How to take green card photo: 🤍 Green Card Lottery 2023: 🤍 For more videos like this, subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell to get updated with our latest content ⭕ Subscribe me: 🤍 ⭕ If you like My Channel: ✅ Like ✅ Share ✅ Comment ✅ SUBSCRIBE for more videos Also click on notification 🔔 icon. Thanks for watching...❕ ⭕ Hashtags: #sltouk #SL_TO_UK #Howtomigrate

لا تسافر الدنمارك - DENMARK 🇩🇰


اليوم وصلنا على العاصمة كوبنهاجن في الدنمارك - وتعرفنا على بلاد الفايكنج، وطريق الآعجوبة، وليش الدنمارك أسعد دولة ومناطق محرمة بالدنمارك instagram انستغرام ➭ 🤍 شكرا جزيلاً للناس اللي كانوا معي بالفيديو Huge thanks for the people in Denmark for being amazing, and helped me with video. Featured friends: 🤍filipgielda 🤍suumiii_ 🤍amondrup 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 🤍sandroarrabi 🤍Nabil.Abed رحلة السويد قريباً احضروا فيديو امستردام 🤍 - 📋 تويتر وفيسبوك وتيك توك Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍Joehattab Email: Business🤍 - ● Music i used in this video - Epidemicsound the first 30 days free to try 🤍

Prussia's Rise & Denmark's Decline: The Schleswig Wars 1848-1864 (Documentary)


Get a NordVPN with a 2-year plan plus 4 additional months with a huge discount and 30-day money back guarantee: 🤍 The two Schleswig Wars of 1848-51 and 1864 mark an important period in European History. Intertwined with the 1848 revolutions, the First Schleswig War's settlement tries to uphold the European status quo. But the unhappy belligerents soon find themselves at war again in 1864 when Prussian Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck uses the Second Schleswig War as a first step towards German unification. » SUPPORT US ON PATREON 🤍 » THANK YOU TO OUR CO-PRODUCERS John Ozment, James Darcangelo, Jacob Carter Landt, Thomas Brendan, Kurt Gillies, Scott Deederly, John Belland, Adam Smith, Taylor Allen, Rustem Sharipov, Christoph Wolf, Simen Røste, Marcus Bondura, Ramon Rijkhoek, Theodore Patrick Shannon, Philip Schoffman, Avi Woolf, Emile Bouffard, William Kincade, Daniel L Garza, Stefan Weiß, Matt Barnes, Chris Daley, Marco Kuhnert, Simdoom » SOURCES Adriansen, Inge & Christensen, Jens Ole. The First Schleswig War 1848-1851: Prelude, Events and Consequences, (Soenderborg : Toejhusmuseet, 2015) Allen, Julie K. “Remembering the Schleswig War of 1864: A Turning Point in German and Danish National Identity," The Bridge, Vol. 37, No. 1, Article 8, (2014) Arand, Tobias. 1870/71: Der Deutsch-Französische Krieg erzählt in Einzelschicksalen, (Hamburg : Osburg Verlag, 2018) Bassett-Powell, Bruce. The Armies of Bismarck’s Wars (Oxford 2013). Blum, Hans. Fürst Bismarck und seine Zeit: Eine Biographie für das deutsche Volk. Band 3, (Munich : C.H. Beck'sche, 1895) Buk-Swienty, Tom. 1864; The Forgotten War that Shaped Modern Europe, (London : Profile Books Ltd, 2015) Helms, Johannes. Soldaterliv i Krig og Fred: Beretninger fra Treårskrigen 1848-50, (Strangberg Forlag: 1906) Lund, Magne & Strange, Preben. Fra Altona til Dybbøl: Midtjyske soldater i krigen 1864, (Silkeborg : Virklund; 2014) William Howard Russel, The Times, 30 July 1850 »CREDITS Presented by: Jesse Alexander Written by: Mark Newton, Jesse Alexander Director: Toni Steller & Florian Wittig Director of Photography: Toni Steller Sound: Above Zero Editing: Toni Steller Motion Design: Toni Steller Mixing, Mastering & Sound Design: 🤍 Digital Maps: Canadian Research and Mapping Association (CRMA) Research by: Mark Newton, Jesse Alexander, Nikolai Ebelholst Fact checking: Florian Wittig Channel Design: Simon Buckmaster Contains licensed material by getty images Maps: MapTiler/OpenStreetMap Contributors & GEOlayers3 All rights reserved - Real Time History GmbH 2022

We want to live here... A Tourist's Guide to Copenhagen, Denmark


// Our Website: 🤍 blog, merch & more! What We Did // 2:32 Brunch at Emmery's 2:50 Boat Tour 3:05 Nyhavn 3:21 Botanical Garden 3:56 Planetarium 4:05 Cub Coffee (major #hygge vibes) 4:30 Kronborg Slot 5:06 Maritime Museum of Denmark 6:16 The Round Tower/ Hotdog Stand 6:55 Tivoli Gardens 7:13 Glyptoteket 7:47 National Museum of Denmark 7:58 National Gallery of Denmark 8:27 Christiansborg Palace 8:48 Rosenborg Castle // What I'm Wearing Makeup - Merit Beauty: 🤍 Earrings + Necklace - AnaLuisa: 🤍 Ozma of California: 🤍 Use code TAYLOR15 for 15% off your first purchase Beanie: 🤍 Puffer Jacket: 🤍 Babaa sweater: 🤍 // Links Airbnb: 🤍 Copenhagen Card: 🤍 The Little Book of Hygge: 🤍 Zion's Beanie: 🤍 Ergo baby carrier: 🤍 Stroller: 🤍 Phone case: 🤍 Pacifiers: 🤍 Pacifier Clip: 🤍 Water Wipes: 🤍 Nora’s Nursery Cloth Diapers: 🤍 // Personal Instagram 🤍taylor.bergthold 🤍 // Art Instagram 🤍createdforeden 🤍 // Send us something! PO Box 175 Hickman, CA 95323 // Filming Equipment Main Camera Canon C70: 🤍 Secondary Camera Canon 90D: 🤍 Vlog camera Canon M50: 🤍 Gopro Hero 8: 🤍 Ultra wide lens Canon 10-18mm: 🤍 Wide lens Sigma 18-35: 🤍 Telephoto lens Sigma 50-100: 🤍 Macro lens Canon 35mm: 🤍 Main Microphone Sennheiser MKE600: 🤍 Vlog Microphone Rode VideoMicro Compact: 🤍 Light Godox SL-60: 🤍 Softbox Aperture Light Dome Mini II: 🤍 // Thank you for watching! For the Lord comforts Zion; he comforts all her waste places and makes her wilderness like Eden, her desert like the garden of the Lord; joy and gladness will be found in her, thanksgiving and the voice of song. — Isaiah 51:3 *Some links are affiliate links that generate a small commission that support me and my channel. I would greatly appreciate if you used these links when considering purchasing. Thank you for your support!

EU4 1.34 Denmark Guide - Denmark Is INSANE In LIONS OF THE NORTH


Get Lions of The North HERE: 🤍 2nd Channel: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Become a member: 🤍 In this video titled EU4 1.34 Denmark Guide - Denmark Is INSANE In LIONS OF THE NORTH I make an EU4 Guide for Denmark for Europa Universalis 4 1.34 Lions of The North. With EU4 1.34 Lions of The North releasing the meta and the starting moves for many nations on the map has changed, so of course new and up to date guides are needed. This EU4 Denmark starting moves guide or EU4 Denmark starting moves tutorial will ensure that you get a great start for yourself playing as the nation of Denmark. This guide covers the opening moves, diplomacy, estates, alliances, subjects, missions, national ideas, keeping Norway and Sweden loyal, forming Scandinavia and more! Denmark is one of the best nations for playing wide, being extremely rich, having extremely high development, dominating trade, forming Scandinavia, colonizing and more. After watching this EU4 Denmark guide you will ensure a great start for yourself, and you will have an easy and fun campaign. The save file is available for all Tier 1 and above Youtube members in the save-games Discord channel. #eu4 #europauniversalis4



Day one in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark! What to do, see, and eat in Copenhagen. In this travel vlog explore some of the best things to do on the first day in the city. We used Copenhagen Cards to get around the city and visit some of the sights like the National Museum of Denmark. Broens Gadekokken was one of our favorite places we went!

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